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Instant Network Mapping

NP-View solves your compliance and security audit challenge by performing an automated and comprehensive analysis of your network device configuration files.

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The Problem

Misconfiguration of access policy implementation within firewalls or other local security mechanisms is a major source of security vulnerability and compliance issues. The complex interactions between distributed and layered policy implementation can lead to subtle errors and can mask problems that a tedious manual review of configuration file would certainly miss.

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The Solution

NP-View works offline and performs a comprehensive analysis of firewall, router, and switch configurations to determine connectivity and identify any deviation from security policies, standards, and best-practices. The network visualization enables anyone to understand issues instantly. The results of the automated analysis can be seamlessly exported into actionable security and compliance reports.

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Verify Network Segmentation

Understand your network’s connectivity and the exposure of your protected assets to different network segments. Verify access to ports and services across different trusted zones. Export your findings into comprehensive reports.

Lightweight & Intuitive

NP-View has been designed to work offline and does not need any network connectivity to work. Users can simply load configuration files from firewalls, routers, and switches into NP-View to automatically generate a visual map of the network.

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Risk assessment results of access control lists and rules for use in audit compliance

Risk Assessment & Compliance

Drag-and-drop your firewall rulesets and get an instant risk assessment of your access control lists and rules. Tailored to prepare and verify baseline ports and services documentation for stress-free audit compliance.

Customizable Topology Map

The map provides a search and highlight function. Nodes can be moved, colored, and labeled. Networks can be highlighted and grouped into different trust levels.

Extensible Risk Alerts

A collection of customizable risk alert plugins provides instant identification of overly-permissive rules and misconfigurations. The alerts can be leveraged to clean up rulesets and fix vulnerabilities in access policies.

Powerful Connectivity Analysis

NP-View builds a model of your network that accurately represents how each network device allows and denies communication. This model computes the complete set of possible paths among your network assets.

Rule Audit Table

NP-View provides a rule audit table to filter, review, and highlight network access rules that protects your assets. The table shows risk alerts and provides detailed object group information.

Change Tracking

Import multiple versions of your configuration files into NP-View to automatically compare rules, object groups, and connectivity paths that have been added, modified, or removed.

Export Findings to Visio, Excel, HMTL, PDF

The network topology map can be exported as a Visio diagram. Tables and reports can be directly exported to Excel, HTML, and PDF.

Supported Devices

The team at Network Perception continuously adds support for new devices. Visit our Knowledge Base to review upcoming parsers and request support for new devices.

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