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One place to visualize your entire network

A breakthrough user interface to get the big pictures and dive in the information you need. NP-Live provides an accurate topology map by monitoring device configuration files and a wide variety of network data 24/7.

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The Problem

Identifying compliance and security issues through manual periodic reviews is prone to errors and incur significant delays. The diversity of technologies and vendors lead to heterogeneous environments in which getting the big picture becomes impossible.

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The Solution

By leveraging automation and human-centered design, NP-Live provides a continuous network monitoring solutions that works in the background and automatically alerts you when a relevant compliance or security event occurs.

NP_Live data import and export tools

Straightforward data import/export

Get up and running in minutes. Import configuration files, Netflow, PCAP, hostname files, scan reports, security advisories manually or by adding connectors. Export alerts by email or send them to your SIEM through Syslog or to a STIX/TAXII service.

Keep an eye on the most important risks

Receive instant alerts when the network changes and monitor for vulnerabilities, accidental and intentional misconfigurations. Automatically prioritize risk events according to network exposure.

NP-live risk and issue report
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Monitor connectivity

NP-Live builds a model of your network to compute a complete picture of your network reachability according to access rules and network routes. Verify security policies and troubleshoot network outages.

Core Features

Dynamic Topology Visualization

The network map is always up to date and automatically highlights the information that matters. Customize the layout, automatically create visual zones, or expand/collapse networks based on your needs. Multiple maps can be saved, restored, and exported for any combination of network devices.

Comprehensive Risk Alerts

A collection of customizable risk alerts and warnings provides instant identification of overly-permissive rules and misconfigurations. The alerts can be leveraged to clean up rulesets and fix vulnerabilities in access policies.

Powerful Connectivity Analysis

NP-Live builds a model of your network that accurately represents how each network device allows and denies communication. This model computes the complete set of possible paths among your network assets.

Rule Audit Table

NP-Live provides a rule audit table to filter, review, and highlight network access rules that protects your assets. The table shows risk alerts and provides detailed object group information.

Continuous Change Monitoring

Track modifications across multiple versions of your configuration files. Review changes and understand the impact of rules, object groups, and connectivity paths that have been added, modified, or removed.

Extensive Export Formats

The network topology map can be exported as a Visio diagram. Tables and reports can be directly exported to Excel, JSON, HTML, and PDF. Reports can be sent by email, through Syslog, and towards a TAXII service using the STIX format.


NP-View is the right solution to prepare for a snapshot audit: it works offline and runs on any desktop. NP-Live is the solution for businesses that require continuous network compliance monitoring.

Import config (manually) ✅ ✅
Generate topology map ✅ ✅
Path analysis ✅ ✅
Compliance report ✅ ✅
Desktop installation ✅
Server installation ✅
Import config (connectors) ✅
Dashboard ✅
Change report ✅

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